Hiring Monthly Personal Drivers in Dubai: The Ultimate Guide 2024

Hiring Monthly Personal Drivers in Dubai: The Ultimate Guide 2024

Are you tired of the daily traffic and chaos on the roads of Dubai?

Hiring a monthly safe driver can help you achieve maximum comfort and convenience.

Firstly, a personal chauffeur service ensures stress-free travel across the city for daily tasks, events, or corporate meetings.

With a dedicated personal driver in Dubai, you can save time and energy and focus on other essential tasks.

However, the question is how to hire the best monthly personal drivers in Dubai.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the steps to hire a safe driver for a month in Dubai and enjoy the extra time to catch up on work or rest.

Requirements for Hiring a Personal Driver in Dubai

Several key steps need to be completed to hire a monthly corporate driver in Dubai. All the necessary steps, from legal requirements to documentation, are briefly discussed below to avoid any legal problems. 

Legal Requirements

The two most important legal requirements for a driver that must be fulfilled before hiring him personally are visa sponsorship and a driver’s licence. These are fundamental to meet the state’s regulatory framework that keeps the driver safe from any fine, punishment, or penalty.

Visa Sponsorship

When you hire a person, you are his employer, and it is an employer’s responsibility to facilitate his employee with all the basic needs. Visa sponsorship is one of the primary legal assistance that your driver requires. Other than that, UAE labour laws include providing accommodation, medical insurance, and other benefits as the basic needs for any employee. 

Driver’s License

Holding a valid UAE driver’s license is essential to work in Dubai as a driver. In the case of a foreigner, there may be a need to convert the foreigner’s license into a UAE driver’s license. It is to ensure the safety and protection of everyone on the roads. 


Documentation is important in Dubai for maintaining safety standards and meeting compliance with the rules and regulations of the territory. 

Employment Contract

An employment contract is crucial not just for an employee but also for the employer. It includes the formal detailing of the deal or employment. From job responsibilities to working hours, from salary to bonuses, it covers all the details within it/ The employment contract needs to be very clear, including all critical details. A clear and concise employment contract can help with many conflicts and doubts. 

Residency Visa and Work Permit

For a driver to stay in Dubai and work there, paperwork must be done perfectly, or the consequences can be harsh. A residency visa and work permit are two crucial papers. If you have them, you are free to live and work. 

Background Checks

Not only from a legal perspective, background checks are also very important for personal safety and satisfaction. The background checks include criminal records and driving history. Moreover, verification from a previous employer can be a plus to ensure safety, trust, and reliability. 

Costs Involved

The overall cost for a monthly corporate driver includes several different costs, including basic salary and other additional costs. Other costs may include medical insurance, transportation allowance, and accommodation.


The personal driver Dubai’s monthly salary commonly varies from AED 2,500 to AED 4,000. The variation is based on the qualification of the driver, the previous driving experience, and the responsibilities as a part of his duty. All these factors define his salary package. 

Additional Expenses

  1. Visa and Sponsorship Costs: Visa processing, medical tests, and Emirates ID approximately costs around AED 5,000 to AED 7,000.
  2. Accommodation and Utilities: If accommodation is not given, the housing cost will be added to compensate for the accommodation and utilities.
  3.  Medical Insurance: Health insurance, mandatory in Dubai, costs around AED 1,500 to AED 2,500 per year.
  4.  Transportation Allowance: In the case of a driver’s vehicle, a transportation allowance or fuel costs is compulsory.
  5. Gratuity and End-of-Service Benefits: According to the UAE labour law, the bonus at the end of the service is mandatory. It will be provided at the termination of the deal.

Benefits of Hiring a Personal Driver

Out of several personal needs and benefits of hiring a personal driver, some of the influential benefits include.

1. Convenience and Comfort

With a personal driver, you can enjoy it with your family. The attentiveness to driving safely and the hassle of parking get excluded, making the journey more pleasant and lighter. 

If you are going to a meeting and need to give your presentation a few final touches, you can utilise that travel time with your driver to finish your undone tasks. 

2. Safety and Reliability

If you are new in Dubai, you may need time to familiarise yourself with the road trends and traffic. Professional drivers possess reasonable experience in navigating through busy roads and maintaining safety.

A professional driver significantly reduces the risk of accidents or traffic law violations, ensuring better safety. 

3. Flexibility and Personalization

If you want to customise the driving schedule, it will be a great thing to go for. It will not only benefit your personal driver in Dubai monthly but also tackle your needs and preferences. 

Customised scheduling also assists you in managing your conveyance and gives you more space for your tasks.

4. Enhanced Lifestyle

The professional driver will eliminate half of your burden by sharing your driving responsibilities. This sharing will eventually help in improving work-life balance.

Moreover, with the driver all by your side, you will automatically become more punctual and prone to time management.


Understanding the legal requirements for hiring a personal chauffeur service in Dubai is important. The total cost breakdown, visa sponsorship process, and all the legal requirements hold crucial roles in the hiring process. 

The ultimate guideline, which contains each critical step, is beneficial for the newcomers to get enough knowledge and understanding about the whole procedure in the state. 

Following these guidelines, it will be a lot easier. Moreover, personal driver Dubai monthly expenditure and cost also provided a better idea. 

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