How to Rent a Car With a Driver: A Step-By-Step Process (2024)

How to Rent a Car With a Driver: A Step-By-Step Process (2024)

Known for its contemporary and progressive infrastructure, Dubai distributes the highly developed and refined means of transportation within Dubai.

Not only within Dubai, but moving across the Emirates is easily available with the extensive integrated conveyance network. 

The high stretches between the destinations and the hot climatic conditions necessitate comfortable traveling prospects.

Despite its reliable metro transportation and abundance of taxi drivers, the comfort and reliability of hiring a personal chauffeur service can’t be overthrown.

Multiple rental companies offer reliable rides at a highly reasonable cost. 

From visiting the majestic Palm Jumeirah to the momentous Al Fahidi Historical District, renting a car with a driver in Dubai can execute a memorable and satisfying journey.

In the guide, let’s rent a car with a driver in Dubai. 

A Step-By-Step Process to Rent a Car With a Driver in Dubai

1. Understanding Your Travel Needs

The inspection of the driver and the rental service is the secondary task. The first thing is to understand your needs and requirements. 

From the purpose of your travel to the number of passengers, from the duration you want to rent a car with a driver in Dubai to the choice of vehicle, you must evaluate all your requirements beforehand.

If you want to hire a driver with a car for an elongated period, that period should also be defined earlier. Several different services are available to serve the clients. You can choose the most suitable service per your needs and requirements, such as Dubai city tour service, monthly driver service, driver with a car for a week, and airport pickup and drop-off service. 

2. Choosing RTA-Approved Driver Services Company

It is crucial to thoroughly research before finalizing the rental services. 

Various service providers operate in Dubai and provide comfortable and convenient transportation.

But to ensure safety and protection, search the company authorized by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Dubai.

The RTA Dubai is responsible for maintaining and managing the roads, routes, and traffic.

They set high standards for the security of passengers traveling in Dubai, making the road infrastructure highly steady and reliable. 

3. Select the Vehicle of Your Choice

After analyzing your needs and knowing the purpose of the journey, the next step is to pick the vehicle according to your personal choice based on the comfort you need, the passengers who want to travel, and the extras you require.

The rental services offer a range of vehicles, from economical choices to luxury cars. The economical vehicles suit daily commutes, office, and school pick and drop. On the other hand, luxury vehicles are more relaxing and equipped with better additions.

You can choose these for special occasions, events, corporate meetings, and other formal circumstances.

4. Verify the Driver’s Credentials

It is critical to verify that the personal chauffeur service you choose fulfills all the legal formalities as per the rules and regulations of Dubai.

Ensure the driver holds a professional driving license and completes the mandated training. It ensures that you will reach your destination on time despite traffic congestion.

5. Ensure a Valid Form of Payment Method

To avoid any future discomfort, confirm that the payment option you choose is available to your safe driver UAE. Ensure you have a valid credit card or a useful alternate transaction method. 

6. Review the Rental Agreement Thoroughly

When satisfied with the driver, vehicle, and your needs, don’t forget to review the rental agreement. It is of significant importance that it must include all the relevant details correctly.

From insurance coverage to trip details, recheck every term. Also, reviewing the rental service policy in case of cancellation is vital.

7. Make Your Booking in Advance to Avoid Last-Minute Hassle

If you are planning to book a ride and hire a safe driver UAE, avoid last-minute booking. Because of immense demand and busy schedules, it can cause you trouble.

Make the early booking and secure the availability of your driver to avoid any delay. 

Also, in peak hours, you may need to pay high. So, prefer timely booking to avoid high pricing and delays in your trip. 


Renting a car with a driver in Dubai is simple if followed properly.

In this guide, the systematic approach is given to all who will hire a personal driver in Dubai and want their ride to be comfortable and reliable.

With the high competition for rental services, it takes a thorough investigation to have the cheapest rent a car in Dubai with a driver, along with the best services and enhanced reliability. 

If the specified guide is followed step-by-step, you can have the most suitable driver with all your personal preferences being fulfilled and enhance your overall traveling experience.

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