What’s the Difference between Uber or Taxi and Safe Dryver Chauffeur Services?

What’s the Difference between Uber or Taxi and Safe Dryver Chauffeur Services?

Many of you must have traveled using an Uber/Taxi service. In contrast, the majority haven’t experienced chauffeur service, considering they might charge more. While both services charge customers based on time and distance travel, Uber/Taxi offers a driver who operates the car.  In contrast, Safe Dryver offers a trained chauffeur who takes you from A to B professionally and respectfully, which reflects your class and image.

A chauffeur service adds the luxury of being driven around instead of just reaching the destination. It may seem like a chauffeur is the same as an Uber/Taxi driver, but both are entirely different. Knowing the difference between Uber/Taxi and Safe Dryver VIP chauffeur services can help you make informed decisions when traveling in Dubai.

Differences between a Driver & a Chauffeur

There are various differences between  driver and a chauffeur but some of them are listed below.

First & Foremost Cost Difference

When you’re traveling with Uber/Taxi in Dubai, you need to book both ways, and you get charged double. But when traveling in your car to the destination, you don’t need to pay for a round-trip and double the cost. If you don’t feel like driving back, simply book a SafeDryver personal driver to get you back home in the comfort of your car and without getting charged double. Hiring a personal safe driver is a great way to save your money as they only charge once for their service, and not like Uber/Taxi, which you have to book both ways.

Focus on Customer Service

Uber/Taxi and chauffeur drivers undergo extensive training to ensure they are competent enough to drive on the roads and understand the routes in Dubai. Chauffeurs are also trained to consistently maintain a high level of service by giving customers respect, displaying professionalism, and making the travel experience as comfortable as possible.

Safety & Hygiene

When you travel in an Uber/Taxi, you have no idea when it is hygienically cleaned in detail as the number of passengers traveling in a taxi is high daily. When it comes to personal chauffeur service, they guarantee rigorous hygiene and cleaning practices and assure you are riding in a safe and germ-free environment.

Prompt & Reliable

You can count on Safe Driver’s personal chauffeur service in Dubai to be punctual and reliable when arriving and reaching the destination on time. Uber/Taxi service doesn’t wait for you at the location after a particular time, while a chauffeur will patiently wait for you because they prioritize customer service and are exclusively booked for you. Unlike a taxi, you can easily pre-book Safe Dryver chauffeur services through their app with just a few taps.

Make the Right Impression

Whether you’re headed to an important business meeting or your friend’s wedding event, personal chauffeur service Dubai by Safe Dryver ensures you make the right impression. When you choose to travel with a chauffeur, you get to experience the privilege of being able to go airside with maximum style and comfort. A chauffeur adds a personal touch to your journey by prioritizing your needs. At the same time, a taxi driver might take you from A to B, often rushing with booking. At Safe Dryver, customers can choose from a range of daily, weekly, or monthly cheapest safe driver services according to their needs and requirements.

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