Drinking and Driving Laws in Dubai

Drinking and Driving Laws in Dubai

Are you having a party in Dubai? Are you traveling from a fair distance? Do you want to enjoy the party and get tempted by alcoholic drinks? It’s always better to hire a safe driver when attending such parties and events.

Why Shouldn’t I Drink and Drive?

Suppose you’re a person who is tempted to drive after you have had a few drinks. In that case, you must know that intoxication hinders your ability to process information, coordinate, and concentrate. When you drink excessive alcohol, you are more likely to take unnecessary risks and break road rules. Your coordination becomes impaired, and moving at high speed can cause a potential hazard. Consuming alcohol impairs your vision, and you are much more likely to get into an accident due to failure to recognize traffic lights, road signs, and signals.

Alcohol also slows down your brain and nervous system, making you more exhausted due to a lapse in concentration and falling asleep at the wheel. Above all, you are risking other innocent lives because of drinking and driving. You can even land in jail with thousands of dirhams in fines. If you know you’re going to be drinking, plan. Or if you get tempted to drink one or two shots at a party, arrange an alternative. You can easily hire a private car with driver in Dubai to drive you home or hotel in your car without hassle. With just a few taps on SafeDryver’s Mobile App, you can call a personal driver anywhere and anytime in Dubai.

Alcohol Increases Your Risk of a Car Crash

There is no safe level of alcohol consumption after which you can drive safely. Evidence shows that alcohol increases your chances of getting at risk of a car crash by reducing the ability to see objects on the road. You may love to celebrate with alcohol, but you must be aware that driving is difficult due to loss of peripheral vision—your ability to drive starts declining after alcohol consumption, and the chances of crashing increase even more.

Drinking and driving might seem like a good idea when you’re drunk, but it is a NO! It only takes one mistake to put you or someone else in danger on the roads, so driving after a party is discouraged. Whether you or your friends are drunk after a party, reaching back to your destination can be worrying as the Dubai government doesn’t allow you to drink and drive.

Hire SafeDryver to Save Money

You can easily hire a personal driver in Dubai at a minimal cost to return to your home or hotel. Hiring a safe driver for your car is affordable and saves you money, like fines for drunk driving and other charges. Dubai police have kept hefty fines for people who drink and drive no, matter residents, visitors, or tourists. You can easily book a professional driver from SafeDryver to help you get back in the comfort of your car. This way, you will only get charged one way and save money.

Is It Safe to Drive after Drinking?

Alcohol hits the brain within minutes of being consumed. It hangs around your body, causing an inability to control lane position while driving, resulting in car crashes and accidents.

Even if the driver doesn’t recognize it, 0.02&% of alcohol is enough to show hand shaking. Many people who consume alcohol occasionally or weekly assume it’s all right to drive home after just one or two drinks. However, it isn’t always the case.

The only safest bet is to drive when you’ve had no alcohol. Even just one drink can impair your ability to process information and affect things you see or locate movement. The most considerable risk to your safety is unwittingly breaking the law in Dubai. The city is attributed to strict laws and obedience to the rigorous government.

Drinking and Driving Laws in Dubai

There is ZERO tolerance for drinking while driving in the UAE. As per Article No. 10.6 of the Traffic Law, the driver shall be abstained from driving under the effect of an alcoholic or narcotic substance. The driver who violates the law is subject to criminal sanctions, imprisonment, and a fine of a minimum of twenty-five thousand Dirhams.

The UAE court can impose fines and punishment charges on the driver from the court and cancel their license for a specific period, or the driver can be deprived of driving with license cancellation, depending upon the case. In addition, the court may directly suspend the driver’s license for three months to two years and deny the right to license renewal after expiry. Dubai police don’t tolerate drivers who violate traffic laws and seek the strictest punishments for them under the law.

Under the UAE’s traffic law, driving under the influence of alcohol or any other narcotic substance is not permissible. Furthermore, driving when drunk is strictly prohibited for a resident, traveler, or tourist. As Dubai is a city of contemporary IT Systems and Networks, the police stations are connected with traffic prosecution for faster investigation to speed up the case faster through a paperless strategy.

However, all these punishments, procedures, and correspondence can be avoided with a simple solution: hire a personal Driver in Dubai when you’re drunk after a party, anytime and anywhere.

Drink, But Don’t Drive!

As Dubai offers an exciting roaster of party scenes, club nights, and events, party-goes worldwide love to travel here to indulge in partying. But before you head towards a party or fun night with friends or family, know the law. The drinking age in Dubai is 21, and you do need to carry your ID card as proof of identity to avoid any last-minute hassles.

The only fail-safe way to drink and reach back to your destination is by hiring a professional, safe driver in Dubai. You can easily book driver services from SafeDryver to travel back to the coziness of your car after the party. Stay safe and stress-free with a trusted and reliable driver by your side.

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