Can Women Drive in Dubai?

Can Women Drive in Dubai?

Can women drive in Dubai? It’s a question I always get asked, and it’s still a relevant topic today. This is because many factors come into play when finding your answer. Sometimes, the laws concerning women drivers must be more consistent depending on the woman you’re asking. To legally drive in Dubai, if you’re from America, you need at least a safe driver‘s license from your state upon arrival in the UAE since each country has its driving laws. And if you’re from Canada or other parts of North America, such as Mexico, you may also need an international permit to drive.

But what about expats coming from other parts of the world? There are so many nationalities in Dubai alone, let alone the entire UAE, that determining an answer for everyone becomes hard. Is it possible for everyone to drive in Dubai? The short answer is yes.

Here are a few conditions

Yet this doesn’t mean there isn’t much more to learn about what it takes to properly operate a motor vehicle while living here in Dubai or the UAE, especially as a woman.

It depends partly on where they are from

Whether women can drive in Dubai or anywhere in the United Arab Emirates depends partly on where they are from. For example, suppose you are a woman from another emirate (a region within one of the seven emirates), likely. In that case, you won’t be allowed to drive there. If your family lives in Dubai and you want to visit them while visiting the country, then you can go!

Women who have a UAE driving license can drive anywhere in the country.

If you hold a UAE driving license, you can drive anywhere. Your request will be valid throughout the United Arab Emirates, including Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

You’ll have no trouble driving in the desert or at the beach, on highways, and in residential areas. You’ll also be able to use your license for any transportation from boats to airplanes (although if you plan to do this often, it’s best to get an international safe driver‘s license).

Those who are allowed to drive in Dubai

Women with valid driving licenses from another country may be able to use that license to drive in Dubai, but it depends on their nationality.

You may be allowed to drive in Dubai if you have a valid driving license from another country. Check with the RTA to determine your eligibility for a UAE driving license.

For example, women who the RTA has issued a UAE driving license will be able to use their foreign permits as well, provided that they hold a residency visa and have lived in the country for at least six months (this includes ex-pat wives).

The Emirati government makes exceptions 

There are a few exceptions for some foreigners who want to drive in Dubai without a driver’s license from their own country. However, these exceptions are particular and limited. For example, if you are an Emirati citizen or hold a green card and live in the UAE, there are no restrictions on driving.

However, if you don’t fall into either of these categories but have a valid license from your home country (and have held that license for at least three years), then there is no restriction on whether or not you can drive here.

Having an International Driving Permit will only allow women to drive in Dubai if allowed in their home country. You can only use your International Driving Permit to navigate Dubai if licensed in your home country. If you have an IDP and want to drive in Dubai, contact the RTA’s Licensing department to apply for a driver’s license using your IDP as proof of competence. A woman’s passport may determine whether she can drive in Dubai even if she has a driver’s license from another country.

Suppose you’re a woman from one of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries (Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, and UAE). Your passport will allow you to drive in Dubai with your home country’s driver’s license. If not, and if you are from any other country besides Egypt or Iraq—and even those two countries have different rules depending on how long they’ve been living abroad—you’ll need an international driving permit (IDP).

Get an IDP to drive in Dubai.

If a woman can legally drive in her home country, she can get an IDP and use it to go to Dubai. An IDP is a document that allows you to move to another country. There are two ways of obtaining an IDP: first, submitting your valid driver’s license from your home country directly at RTA, and second, taking lessons with a licensed driving school or instructor. You must have a valid driver’s license from your home country before applying for an International Driving Permit (IDP).

Women can drive 

Generally, women with a UAE driver’s license or an international permit issued by their home state can drive legally in Dubai. If you have a valid driving license from another country, it depends on your nationality.


If you’re a woman who wants to drive in Dubai and your home country doesn’t allow it, the only thing left to do is start learning how to drive! If you have questions or concerns about going to Dubai, don’t hesitate to surf the internet.

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