Are Chauffeur Services Really Comfortable: Car With Driver

Are Chauffeur Services Really Comfortable: Car With Driver

A lot of driver service providers offer their drivers along with cars to their customers in the UAE. Selection of cars is purely done by the customer at that time because different models have their own impact for the reason the customer is booking. At SafeDryver, we also provide our level best service to our customers.

How SafeDryver Makes the Ride Comfortable

The reason why our chauffeur service with cars gives an utmost level of customers is due to some reasons. Here are a few reasons our drivers make sure to before they reach your destination. You can also follow these methods in your own car to make the ride comfortable.

Keep Air Filters Clean

Maintaining the performance of your engine depends on your vehicle’s air filter. Clean air is combined with fuel, combusted, and produces power through combustion. Airflow can be impeded by dirt, dust, pebbles, and more over time. Although these contaminants cannot enter the car through the air filters. Symptoms of a bad cabin air filter include unpleasant odors coming from the vents, excessive noise coming from the fan, and reduced airflow. We try cleaning it first before replacing it! Before replacing, we do this a few times. A damp cloth is also used.

Diffuse Essential Oil Fragrance into the Air

Most homeowners enjoy driving around. Cars need to be well-equipped so the occupants have a great time driving. The use of essential oils can improve physical alertness and promote mental clarity in addition to creating a sweeter, cleaner-smelling interior. A tissue with a few drops of essential oil on the dashboard is the easiest way to diffuse essential oils in the car for comfort. Our drivers clipped the oil to the air vent using a piece of cork. In your case, if you don’t want to do it yourself, you can buy a diffuser that plugs into the lighter outlet. Amazon offers an excellent car diffuser.

Lumbar support should be added

Back pain is most commonly caused by poor driving posture, lumbar support issues, and pre-existing conditions like scoliosis and spine injuries. In order to alleviate symptoms of back pain, drivers should be aware of possible causes. We have a car seat back pain support cushion in all our cars.

If your car lacks the best lumbar support, which results in restlessness while driving and sore backs later. Add a lumbar support cushion to your seat for a quick fix. Many online stores offer this memory foam back pillow that relieves acute and chronic pain from: back aches, muscle aches, arthritis, stenosis, herniated disks, and general back discomfort.

Protector for seat belts

You must have had the uncomfortable feeling that the seat belt rubbed your shoulder or your neck before. Seat belts are crucial for your safety, and not wearing one is illegal in most states, but they aren’t always comfortable. You can slip a soft cover over your seat belt if it is chafing against your collarbone or creating other types of discomfort, because of the pressure or the fabric. We make sure that all our rental cars are equipped with seat belts and their covers too.

Embedded seat cushion

No matter what your weight is, it is true that every driver needs a soft cushion to sit. Sitting puts a lot of pressure on the hips, because they are bony prominences. You can also relieve pressure and pain by using a memory foam seat cushion with firm support. It doesn’t matter if you need extra support for those long drives or you just have worn out seats in your old car, you should consider finding a lightweight cushion to make your ride more comfortable.

A sunshade for the windshield

Getting into a scorching hot car is unbearable no matter if it’s summer or you live in a warm climate all year round. By absorbing UV rays from the sun, it keeps your car’s interior comfortable. During the summer, a window shield prevents your car from becoming too hot, while in the winter, it prevents your windshield from getting frosty. A double-bubble silver-coated windshield sun shade will keep things cool in the summer.

Foam steering wheel cover with memory

Soft foam layers on many steering wheel covers reduce cramping, stiffness, and fatigue from long hours of gripping the wheel. Consider purchasing a cushioned steering wheel cover for added comfort. You can save yourself unwanted pain in your hands and arms by promoting a more comfortable grip. This product is made of heat, cold, and wear-resistant PVC leather. You can add small upgrades to your car, but make sure you don’t have any other issues first!

You need to adjust your seat

Making sure your seat is comfortable and accurate is key to driving safely. Your legs should not feel cramped up, your knees should be slightly bent, your feet should be comfortable on the pedals (without you having to reach), and your thighs should be relaxed. You might also want to tilt your seat so your thigh is supported evenly and your knees don’t rub against it. Your seat should be at a 100- to 110-degree angle between your hips and back, and your shoulders should be behind your hips, not above them. Lastly, adjust your seat height so that your chin is aligned with the top of your steering wheel and your hips are as high as your knees.

Hire a professional driver

Although all the above discussed things were regarding the driving comfort in your own car. But sometimes you are in a hurry and you have no preparations for comfort in your car at all. What should you do in that case?

Well as a driver service provider, we recommend hiring a safe driver in those situations so that you can have a comfortable ride and reach your destination without the hassle of driving on your own. At SafeDryver we offer personal drivers, hourly drivers, drivers for school pick and drop, drivers for daily work transport and many other services. Explore now to get a better idea of our services.

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