A Guide To Choosing The Right Monthly Driver Service In Dubai

A Guide To Choosing The Right Monthly Driver Service In Dubai

It is not easy to hire Monthly Driver Service in Dubai alone. With so much hassle and workload, anyone can feel overwhelmed. Particularly, if you live in an advanced city like Dubai, you must face a lot of irritation because of the traffic.

The amount of work has increased as well. People need to spend more time relaxing with their loved ones. There is no solution to decrease this workload, but there is a solution to traffic and driving irritations.

Why is a monthly driver worth it?

You don’t need to drive to a specific destination. You can hire a Monthly Driver Service in Dubai. These are the reasons why people tend to employ monthly drivers.

Permanent Hiring

Whether you own many vehicles or just one, it doesn’t matter. Anyhow, you can always hire Monthly Driver Service in Dubai at all times. You won’t have to drive to your office or take your kids to school; the driver will do that for you. Furthermore, you will not have to deal with annoying traffic.

We aim to help you find the best permanent drivers by providing options. Finding a car driver in Dubai is easy, as we provide that service.

The best part comes when you have companies who can do everything from judging the driver’s attitude and skill set and providing you with the best candidate. At SafeDryver, we not only have solid criteria for filtering the candidates, but also we train them after they are hired about communication skills and ethics.

Temporary Driver

Alternatively, you can hire a temporary driver for just a month only. Permanent drivers have the disadvantage of being relatively expensive. You should avoid Monthly Driver Service in Dubai if you do not travel a lot or have too many vehicles. To get to your destination, you can hire an hourly driver.

This is a great way to reduce hassles during your commute. Dubai is a prosperous city for temporary drivers with many options so that you can handle quality. Finding the right choice for you will be fine.

Save Time

SafeDryver will help you achieve your goals. Usually, it takes a lot of time for kids to reach their school and home from their school in the afternoon. Similarly, getting your work location takes a lot of time, especially if you’re a corporate professional.

Experts recommend that if someone else drives for you, you’ll have a lot of time to think about your product ideas and will be more constructive when you reach your office. Through SafeDryver’s Monthly Driver Service in Dubai, you can solve this problem forever.

No Worries

You don’t need to worry about the driver’s quality or expertise. For our customers, we only provide qualified and tested drivers. Our customers are valuable to us, and we don’t want them to feel uncomfortable while driving. You will have a premium riding experience with our drivers.

Customized Booking

As well as round trips and one-way trips, we offer outstation services and more convenient options. You can find a driver suited to all private car segments and choose from various duration options. So customize your monthly booking!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Monthly Driver

You don’t have to walk around so much or figure out how to get from one place to another. It will be easy to find your way. Despite its efficiency, the transportation system can be confusing at times. Getting lost and taking the wrong train are always possibilities.

Time is money. You don’t need to worry about finding the right train or asking around. Both trains and buses must be waited for, and you must walk from the station to your destination—the right to move freely. The flexibility of choosing where to go and when to go makes it better than bus tours. There are various advantages and disadvantages of monthly drivers. Let’s discuss them in detail with actual life facts and figures.


A comfortable environment. Getting on the train doesn’t require a queue or jostling. The car is a great place to relax. The price is fixed. The price you pay for it is clear to you. Unlike taxis, the cost of getting from here to there is still being determined.


Dubai’s transport culture can only be experienced sometimes. It is more expensive than public transportation. Traffic is unpredictable, and waiting in traffic can save you time.

Monthly Driver Services in Dubai: How Much Do They Cost?

You will likely have to walk a lot in Dubai. In addition to walking, there are many options for public transportation, but some people prefer to travel by private car. Then you’ve come to the right place! If you’re looking for a Safe Driver Dubai and don’t know how much it costs or where to find it, we’ve got you covered!

As soon as you finish reading this article, you will understand everything. This article will tell you how much hiring a private car service in Dubai costs. I will also explain where to find them, the advantages and disadvantages of hiring them, and the cost of renting a car in Dubai. Let’s get started!

There are incredible attractions all over Dubai, a sprawling metropolis. You will need to travel a lot to get to those places. Trains, subways, buses, taxis, and other forms of public transportation are available. However, many tourists prefer private cars due to their convenience. What is the cost?

Personal driver costs

There are different prices for personal drivers depending upon the type of company. Depending on what kind of vehicle you use, how many people are in your group, and how long the service will last, it can cost between AED 300 and AED 2000 per trip. Some services also include a private Dubai tour.

You can rent a small car if you have a small group. You may have to hire an additional vehicle if you have an extended group. It is up to you how long the service lasts. Our services usually last between 1 and 10 hours, but you can add extra hours if needed.

Private car with driver

When you hire a private car service, you will have already paid for the car, the driver, the fuel, and the hotel pick-up and drop-off. The parking fee, entrance fee, parking fee, and meals will be extra. Check before booking, as it may vary from company to company.

Where to find a car with a driver?

Many companies provide drivers and car with driver services all over the UAE. Similarly, those companies have Monthly Driver Service in Dubai packages too. However, it’s a lottery. It’s impossible to know if it is a reputable website or if you will get excellent service.

SafeDryver offers a wide range of private car services and transfers in Dubai. Depending on what you prefer, you can choose.

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