10+ Travel Tips for First time visit to Dubai

10+ Travel Tips for First time visit to Dubai

The history of Dubai dates back to the early Minoan period. The earliest mention of Dubai was recorded in 1095. During the 1580s, the pearl merchant Gaspero Balbi visited Dubai for the pearl trade.

The next milestone was recorded in 1973 when the Bani Yas settled their political power in Abu Dhabi. In the late 1890s, Dubai was regarded as a fishing village and a site hub for bustling activity with historic waterways.

After the mid-1960s, Dubai began transforming from a small cluster of settlements along Dubai Creek to a modern port, with major projects completed and built at that time.

Since then, Dubai has continued to attract tourists and businesses with opportunities and modern wonders.

Visiting Dubai for the First Time? From once a tiny fishing village, Dubai has transformed into one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, welcoming more than 200 nationalities. This superlative modern city, with its unapologetic, flashy lifestyle and contemporary culture, is not hard to be impressed with. Dubai offers an unforgettable experience for its visitors with magnificent cityscapes, astonishing skyscrapers, unparalleled coastline, and a luxurious vibe.

Travel Tips for Dubai

Dubai is indlgent, glamorous, and progressive. That’s why it is on millions of travelers’ bucket lists. We’ve gathered 10 travel tips you must know before visiting this beautiful city.

Best Time to Travel

Dubai’s climate is warm all year round, with two distinct summers and winter seasons. Dubai is at the coolest and most comfortable warn according to UK standards in January. The evenings are more relaxed in February, and the heat is manageable with pleasant weather and increased rain. The weather is intensely humid in March, followed by increased warmth in April. Then, during May, Dubai starts getting noticeably hot, and in June, the temperature rises around 38 degree Celsius on average.

June and August are unbearable for travellers unless they can withstand extreme heat. September and October turn Dubai cooler with a slight drop in humidity. In November and December, Dubai is more relaxed, with warm temperatures of around 21 degrees Celsius.

Exchange Currency – UAE Dirhams

Although USD is widely accepted in Dubai, getting your local currency exchanged in Dubai is still better to save money. Travelers can get their money exchanged from airports, malls, hotels, and money exchange centres. Travelers can also use their ATM cards to exchange the currency without any fees if their local banks allow it.

You might need local currency for small food items, travelling, and other activities. Currently, a small bottle of water costs around 1.5 AED, the shortest taxi ride costs 12 AED, and the Dubai metro can cost you around 5.8 AED for 3 zones.

Get a Sim Card at the Airport

Currently, there are only 2 telecom service providers in Dubai, Du and Etisalat. However, as a traveler/tourist to Dubai, you can quickly get a sim card from Dubai International Airport or any shopping outlet showing your valid visa and passport.

You must know that the Dubai government blocks WhatsApp and other free VoIP messaging services unless you’re willing to pay for government-approved apps like C’Me or BOTIM. To further accentuate the travel experience, you can get the ALSAADA mobile App installed on your mobile through a QR Code on the back of your tourist sim, allowing you to enjoy special discounts, and offers across the UAE.

Plan Your Accommodation

Plan your accommodation before travelling, as it allows you to budget for all aspects of your trip. Also, it will help you save money and make travelling to the bustling city of Dubai easier. Decide on what type of accommodation you’re looking for based on the number of days you’ll be spending, comparing prices and reviews, and making reservations.

Additionally, you can hire the best safe driver in Dubai to help you with airport transfers to your desired location. In this way, you’ll secure the best accommodation and have a comfortable journey without the stress of running here and there for local transport.

Dubai is Not Just for the Idle Rich

The shimmering city with calm creek waters, tall structures, and top-notch amenities, Dubai is not just for millionaires. You can even enjoy Dubai on a budget trip. You can easily book Dubai City Tour Service from SafeDryver at the most affordable rates to explore the city and experience its modern advancements.

You can find cheaper alternatives in Dubai, such as inexpensive food, budget-friendly transport, souvenirs from Bur Dubai’s local shops, free cultural and artistic events, affordable hotel apartments, and free access to the beach and family-friendly parks.

The City is Safe by Every Means

Dubai has been ranked among the top 10 safest cities in the world. It is one of the virtually crime-free cities where police ensure maximum safety. As a traveler to Dubai, you can wander the streets at night without the fear of getting mugged. For a secure travel option, you can hire the best safe driver in Dubai from us to enjoy a stress-free and safe journey.

Also, it is the perfect destination for solo travelers, particularly females looking to travel alone. Even though Dubai promotes women-only areas and beach days for females only to encourage women to explore and experience Dubai in their own space and comfort.

Alcohol is Not Available Everywhere

As Dubai is a Muslim country, they don’t sell alcohol everywhere. You need to abide by their laws and purchase alcohol from licensed sellers. You must have a license to purchase alcohol as a tourist and resident. You can get alcohol from Duty-Free at the airport and bring it back to the hotel. Alcohol laws are very different from other parts of the world; if you break them, you could face hefty punishments.

Search for Reliable Safe Drivers

You can search for a personal driver in Dubai to make your trip hassle-free and memorable. To avoid unreliable and costly taxi services to drive you to your destination in Dubai, hire a personal driver in Dubai to eliminate the stress of driving, getting stuck in traffic jams, violating rules, and taking the wrong routes.

You can even hire day drivers for inter emirates across the UAE travel needs. Companies like SafeDryver offer local chauffeur services with a fast and reliable driver service that takes you wherever you want. Another reason to hire a personal driver in Dubai is that you don’t have to get into the paperwork for an international driving permit.

Make a Day Trip to Abu Dhabi

Short of time? Experience the cosmopolitan buzz, beaches, skyscrapers, rippling landscapes, and much more with the Dubai city tour service to experience Dubai like never before. Explore the vibrant urban attractions in Dubai with unique architecture and breathtaking domes.

Don’t get into the hassle of public transport to explore the city. Instead, you can travel Inter Emirates across the UAE with the best chauffeur service company, SafeDryver. For travelers who want to dig into history and culture, city tours are a great option as they get to know the destination better with a tour guide on board.

Indulge in Unique Experiences

Dubai is known for its contemporary sightseeing attractions, shopping malls, and other cultural highlights. But the modern add-on to the city makes it unique for travelers worldwide. The best things to do in Dubai include visiting Burj Khalifa, exploring the Arabian Desert safari, unleashing in Atlantis water parks, visiting Al Fahidi Historical District, Dubai Museum, The Dubai Mall, Zipline Dubai Marina, and much more..

Travel Dubai like a Pro!

Dubai is a modern destination for travelers from all over the world with all the glitz and glamour. Make sure you travel Dubai like a pro and tick off the city’s top things to do and places to visit. While Dubai has to offer a plethora of unforgettable experiences, let Safe Dryver to your partner make your experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

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