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How Much Does it Costs to Hire a Driver in Dubai?
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How Much Does it Costs to Hire a Driver in Dubai?

Are you planning a visit to Dubai shortly?

You need the best reliable daily driver to make the trip memorable in addition to your plans. Dubai offers the perfect balance of ultra-modern skyscrapers and historical artifacts with a multicultural friendly society that welcomes people from all over the world.

With the hot climate most of the months, moving between places can become a hassle if you travel by public bus or taxi. Instead, it is more convenient to hire a driver in Dubai who understands the traffic laws and knows about the traffic condition in the city. More than 70% of the visitors prefer chauffeur services as the cheapest way to travel around.

Hiring a Private Driver Can Costs Less Compared to Public Transportation

You might think that it is expensive to hire a driver in Dubai, but you don’t know the amount you pay for a taxi, and other means of public transportation is more likely to cost you more than a reliable chauffeur service. If you travel by taxi and visit five different places, it will be similar to what you can pay for a half-day licensed chauffeur service in Dubai. It’s good to plan and contact a chauffeur service whom you can get along with for all your traveling needs.



How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Driver for a Day?

Chauffeur services are also perfect for those who want their cars to be driven for a day by the most reliable driver in Dubai. You must not know but after a specific time, public transport in Dubai is difficult to find, especially after a late-night event or party. For your comfort and convenience, you can easily hire a driver in Dubai for One day at a cost of a minimum of 1000 AED for budget cars and can go up to 7000 AED for luxury cars.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Driver for a Week?

When you hire a driver in Dubai for a week, you can easily plan your itinerary without the stress of waiting for a cab or public transport. One day you can visit skyscrapers, explore the beautiful beaches or go shopping at luxurious malls. For your weekly travel needs, you can easily get a reliable chauffeur service that costs around a minimum of 4000 AED per month for 5 days a week, 4 hours a day. As you increase the number of hours, the service will charge you accordingly.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Driver for a Month?

If you are about to stay in Dubai for a month or looking for convenient options to travel within the city without worrying about traffic hassle, you can opt for chauffeur services that offer drivers for hourly needs on daily basis for a month. According to your budget, you can plan to hire a driver for a budget car at a cost of a minimum of 15,000 AED a month, or for a luxury car up to 50,000 AED a month.

Now with all the information at hand, you can easily plan and hire a driver in Dubai within your budget. Make a memorable visit to Dubai in style and within budget easily with a reliable chauffeur service for stress-free traveling.


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