All You Need To Know About Car Accidents In Dubai

All You Need To Know About Car Accidents In Dubai

It is often negligence that contributes to car accidents in Dubai; however, there are many other contributing factors as well. According to statistics, six car accidents occur for every 100,000 people in the UAE. According to the Federal Traffic Law that took effect on 1 July 2017 (the "Traffic Law"), fines are usually imposed for traffic violations. 


It is common for all emirates to update and regularly publish fine lists for traffic violations. As part of the UAE's plan to reduce traffic fatalities from 6 per 100,000 people to 3, traffic regulations are imposed. The UAE reported more than 1250 traffic accidents by mid-2018. Many of them were caused by sudden swerving, failure to keep a safe distance, and misjudgment on the part of drivers. In 2018, 76 people died in accidents, according to Dubai Traffic Police statistics.


Fortunately, most accidents don't result in fatalities and are minor. Our prayers are with you and your loved ones that you and they will always be safe. In case of an accident, however, you must be aware of the legal requirements. Accidents can be classified according to their severity. In this blog, we will discuss accidents where there are no serious injuries. You must call 998 for an ambulance if you witness a severe injury. When involved in a car accident, the following steps should be followed:


Report the accident: 

Contact the police on the emergency number 999, along with requesting an ambulance, in cases of serious injury or damage. Doesn’t matter that the accident was done by you, or by someone else , like someone near you who is driving your car on your behalf or your hired driver, always contact the police. That’s why a Safe Driver, we recommend you to hire our dubai driver service.  


Additionally, if it is a minor car accident, then the non-emergency police helpline can be reached at 901. With the Dubai police mobile application, you can easily report any minor accident in Dubai, and you can file your accident report online and obtain your police report at the same time. Through the application, you may also be asked to share pictures of the accident.


Obtain police report: 

As soon as an accident is reported to the police, they will access the scene, take photographs, and use other digital tools to identify the defaulting party. After the police checks have been completed, a police report will be issued, which is a crucial document for establishing the accident and for submitting insurance claims.


Insurance claim: 

The accident and probable damages should also be reported as soon as possible to your vehicle insurance company. At SafeDryver, all our services are also insured so you don’t have to worry if the mistake is made by our daily driver in case of damage to your vehicle. Upon obtaining the police report, the insurance company must receive it in order to process the insurance claim.

Type of Traffic laws violation in UAE

Traffic laws are strictly enforced in the UAE in order to further its goal of making roads safer. If you commit a serious traffic violation, such as endangering the safety of others, you can face harsher penalties, like jail terms, even if you commit a minor violation.

If you drive recklessly, you may receive a fine, black points, and also have your vehicle impounded. Taking risks with the driver's life or others' safety or security or driving in a manner that may damage public or private property. For light vehicles, the vehicle would be impounded for 60 days and fined AED 2000 and given 23 black points.

In the case of more serious traffic violations, the penalty is decided by the Court. Penalties may include imprisonment and fines. The following are more serious offenses:

Collision with another vehicle

Step 1. Secure the Area:

  • It is always necessary to stop in the safest place immediately after hitting someone or being hit by someone. Traffic should not be obstructed.
  • Turn on your car's hazardous light when it is safe to exit the car.
  • Check if anyone else has been injured and needs medical attention if you are fit. An ambulance should be called immediately in case of an emergency.
  • Take down the license plate numbers of the other driver if he or she flees.

Step 2.  Alert Authorities:

  • When you have been involved in an accident, call 999 and ask for the police.
  • You should have necessary documents such as a driving license, a car registration card, an Emirati ID, or a passport.
  • You should take a few pictures of the damaged car (avoid taking pictures of people).

Step 3. When Police Arrives

  • You must never engage in a conflict or argument with another party. In order to deal with legal formalities later on, you should try to maintain calm as much as possible.
  • Avoid interfering with the procedures by letting the police do their job.
  • A copy of the report will be issued by the police. Make sure you follow all police instructions.

Step 4: After you Receive Your Police Report

  • If you rented the car, contact the car rental company or your insurance company.
  • Drive away from the scene if there is no significant damage to the vehicle. 
  • The insurers will send a recovery truck if there are significant damages, such as broken lights or glasses.

Collision with other objects:

You must notify the operator of any stationary objects you have hit, such as parking pillars or walls. No matter if the collision is done by you or the driver dubai, you will receive the police report from the police. In the absence of a police report, you cannot get the damages repaired.

Someone hits your parked car:

You have little chance of claiming damages if the person who hit your vehicle does not report it to the police. The accident might be caught on a CCTV camera if there are any in the vicinity. When you report to the police, you will obtain the report, which the police will then use to punish the offenders (if they are identified).

Never Flee:

In any circumstances never flee from the location. Driving away from the scene of a collision is illegal. Hit-and-run charges may be filed if someone leaves the scene of an accident. In the event that injuries were sustained, it is treated as a felony under the law.


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